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First Mortgage Bounced Check Fees


First Mortgage Bounced Check Fees

Maximum Bounced Check Fees -- Checks for First Mortgage Payments    StateMaximum
CommentsAdditional Civil PenaltyAlabama$25  Alaska$25  Arizona$25Plus actual costs2 X check amount plus collection costsArkansas$20  California$25 3 X check amount to $1,500Colorado$20 3 X check amountConnecticut$20  Delaware "Reasonable"3 X check amount plus $500DC No regulation Florida$40 or 5%Whichever is greater Georgia$25 or 5%Whichever is greater Hawaii No regulation3 X check amount to $500Idaho$20  Illinois$25Or "reasonable", if greater Indiana$0 3 X check amt to $250, plus $500 collection costIowa$20 or 5%Whichever is greater$50Kansas$30 3 X check amt to $500, plus collection costsKentucky$15Or actual cost, if greater Louisania$15 or 5%Whichever is greater Maine No regulationCollection costs, plus $50Maryland$25  Massachusetts No regulation$500Michigan$25  Minnesota$20Or actual cost to $30$100Mississippi$30 Varies with check amountMissouri$15Plus actual costs3 X check amount plus attorney feesMontana$30  Nebraska  $10 plus "reasonable" bank chargesNevada$0 3 X check amount plus $500New Hampshire$25As per note New Jersey$0Not allowed New Mexico As per note New York$20  North Carolina$25OR fees plus damages to $500 North Dakota$20 3 X check amount to to $100Ohio$20Plus actual costs Oklahoma$10  Oregon$25Or actual cost if less Pennsylvania$20  Rhode Island$25  South Carolina$25  South Dakota$30  Tennessee$20 "Damages"Texas$25  Utah$20 Check amount plus collection costsVermont "Actual cost and expenses"Check amount plus collection costsVirginia No regulation Washington "Reasonable" costs West Virginia$15  Wisconsin$15  Wyoming$25  

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